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According to expert toy career advice, the candidates most likely to be hired for toy jobs are those who come across as pleasant and friendly in the interview.

Despite Some Evidence to the Contrary, the Toy Industry Is Alive and Well

Some young people who have dreamed of one day qualifying for toys r us factory jobs. They may have planned to complete a college degree and work in marketing, operations, product development, engineering, or sales. Now, in 2018, they are faced with that beloved company filing for bankruptcy and planning to close its remaining stores, of which there are about 740 in the United States. What now? Is this truly the end of the dream?

What Went Wrong?

Although the 70-year run of Toys R Us appears to be at an end, that doesn't mean there is any less demand for toys than before. The population continues to grow, which means more children than ever excitedly hoping for presents at birthdays and holidays. What went wrong at that particular company?

Financial analysts have looked thoroughly at the impending demise of this long-established shopping institution. One reason is that executives did not figure out how to compete with big-box stores that built their own large toy departments and sold the products for less. They might have engaged shoppers in additional ways, such as holding events and contests.

The Advantage of Exclusive Recruitment Firms

Interestingly, a couple of powerful outside forces are putting forth some effort to keep the company running and its stores open. Nevertheless, this is certainly not guaranteed, and people who have been planning to apply for this type of job probably should shift their goals elsewhere. With a recruitment firm like ToyJobs, men and women who are interested in this career field can view the broad range of opportunities available in other businesses.

This kind of firm offers the advantage of exclusive listings, which means substantially less competition for each position. The businesses don't want to be bombarded with resumes from unqualified applicants. They like working with a recruitment agency that handles the initial screening process for candidates.

The toy industry is alive and well. People who hope to work in that field one day still have plenty of opportunities. Completing their education and training to become fully qualified and then registering with a recruitment firm are big steps in the right direction. They'll want to pursue toy career advice from authoritative sources as well.